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Democratic Blue and Peoplehood Black:
Necessary Distinctions Between People and Party

Being Ella Baker Even After the Election:
Valuing Our Victory, Continuing Our Struggle (11-12-20)

Taking Tuesday in Stride:
Waking Up Wednesday Still in Struggle (11-05-20)

The Moral Meaning of Our Struggle:
Saving America From Its Trumpian Self (10-29-20)

Assessing the Million Man March:
Lessons Learned from the
Mission Statement (10-22-20)

Remembering the Million Man March:
Reflections on Memory and Mission (10-15-20)

Forging Our Future With Fannie Lou Hamer:
The Urgency and Value of Voting (10-08-20)

Pursuing the Seven-Fold Path of Blackness:
Practicing Principles of Life and Struggle
(10-01-20) Part 2

Pursuing the Seven-Fold Path of Blackness:
Practicing Principles of Life and Struggle
(09-24-20) Part 1

Us’ 55 Years of Unbudging Blackness:
Africa As Our Moral Ideal – Part 2 (09-17-20)

Us’ 55 Years of Unbudging Blackness:
Africa As Our Moral Ideal – Part 1 (09-10-20)

Rising in Resistance with Paul Robeson:
Athletes Joining the Struggle for Racial Justice

Garvey’s Whirlwind; Watts’ and Ferguson’s Fire:
Signs and Obligations of Our Times -PART 2 – (08-27-20)

Garvey’s Whirlwind; Watts’ and Ferguson’s Fire:
Signs and Obligations of Our Times -PART 1 – (08-20-20)

Recognizing Aurora as America Unmasked:
No Exemption, Even For Our Children (08-13-20)

Honoring Black Resistance in August:
Pursuing Liberation thru Love and Struggle (08-06-20)

Resisting the White-Washing of Ethnic Studies:
Keeping Color in Life and Learning (07-30-20)

Lifting Up Lowery, Vivian and Lewis:
Living the Legacy, Freeing the People (07-23-20)

Achieving Justice for George Floyd:
Radically Reimagining and Rebuilding America [Part 2]

Taking Down Flags and Tearing Down Walls:
Some Seriously Needed Distinctions (07-09-20)

Questioning the Country With Frederick Douglass:
Judgment, Not Joy on July 4th (07-02-20)

Righteous and Relentless Struggle:
Again, Reflections on the Principle and Practice

Maintaining the Meaning of Juneteenth:
Staying Focused on Freedom (06-18-20)

Achieving Justice for George Floyd:
Radically Reimagining and Rebuilding America [Part 1]

Reigniting Fergusons Fires of Resistance:
Reaffirming the Will and Right to Breathe (06-04-20)

Message from Minister Malcolm on ALD:
Silencing the Guns of Pandemic Oppression (05-28-20)

Larry Aubry, Lying Down Like a Hill:
Still Having Height, Always Pointing Upward (05-21-20)

Honoring Our Mothers With Our Lives:
Lessons of Love, Life and Struggle 05-14-20

Summer Will Not Save Us:
Faultlines, Battlelines, Affirmation and Resistance

Madcapping and Conning with Trump:
Feeding Americans Addiction to Illusions (04-30-20)

Seeking Victory Over Two Viruses:
COVID-19 and the Pathology of Oppression (04-23-21)

Meditating on the Meaning of Struggle:
Valuing Our Inward and Outward Striving (04-16-20)

Black People Rising and Reaffirming:
Resurrection, Repair, Renewal and
Remaking Ourselves and the World (04-09-20)

Bringing Forth the Fire Within Us:
Weathering the Worst of Winters (04-02-20)

The Ethics Of Healthcare:
Essential Kawaida Considerations (03-26-20)

Social Solidarity In Spite of Social Distancing:
Keeping Our Closeness in Critical Times (03-19-20)

Grounding and Centering Ourselves:
Chosen to Bring Good in the World (03-12-20)

Lifting and Holding Up Heaven:
Women’s and Men’s Work in the World (03-05-20)

Tambiko For Min. Malcolm: His Jihad, Awesome Sacrifice
and Continuing Powerful Presence (02-27-20)

Walking With Woodson in History:
Truth, Justice and Transformation (02-20-20)

Black Love: A Complementary and Species-Compelling Need

Black History: Its Meaning, Message and Forward Motion (02-06-20)

History, Memory and Struggle: The Morality of Remembrance ( 01-30-20)

New Year Wishes and Work: Pursuing and Practicing Peace (01-23-20)

Considering King in Critical Times:
Daring To Oppose War and Practice Peace (01-16-20)

America Nodding and Nightmaring Towards War:
Bedding Down and Mad-Maxing With Trump (01-09-20)

(see “Columns and Position Statements” |


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